T-Minus 41 Days To Rainier

Just wanted to drop in with a quick update. This summer is disappearing quickly, I’m planning to drop in with more photos and updates before too long. Our 2021 Mt Rainier climb is on! We were rescheduled for the same date slot just one year later and will be traveling to Washington on August 3rd.

Finalizing our equipment list and getting last minute items ordered will be happening this Thursday. I have been on the fence about ordering or renting boots for the climb and recently made the decision to order them so I can be used to how they feel and try to break them in a bit. Yes, I will be wearing mountaineering boots in Kansas in the middle of summer. 🙂

Megan and I have been meeting twice a week at the gym for strength and the remainder of the week is hours on the treadmill and outdoors getting in those miles. I have been splitting my cardio time between running, long incline walks on the treadmill, spinning and HIIT. Unfortunately between several busy schedules, we were not able to get in the hikes that we wanted to in order to prep for Rainier. It is truly going to be a Flatlander Adventure and it is what it is. We are motivated and doing the best we can to prepare!

That about sums it up for now, making sure to make good eating choices daily and to have active rest days has been two goals I am trying to keep.

Best to you all!


Written by Rebekah Baier