Mt Rainier Climb Update

I just wanted to check in and let you know what’s happening over at my house 😉 This morning I got the following email from RMI (the company that will be guiding us on our Rainier climb). As of last Monday they had canceled all of their domestic and international climbs for 45 days out, this letter extends that existing cancellation window by an additional month.

A few days my husband asked me if I was prepared for my trip to be canceled. Without missing a beat I was able to tell him yes. In just a few short days, our world has completely changed and I am quickly learning to pivot and accept change. Will I be okay if our hike is canceled? Absolutely. Will I be disappointed? Of course. Are there going to be future adventures to plan for? You betcha!!

So what am I doing in the meantime?

Last Monday I went to Jodee’s class at the gym as usual and was informed that this would be the last day of classes. She was disappointed, I was disappointed, we are all just so somber. Group fitness is so much more than just getting your heart rate up – I’ve come to rely on these guys & gals, their happy faces and our small talk. Jodee’s last class didn’t disappoint, I had some sore glutes for a few days! I left that day and basically saw the writing on the wall and realized I was going to have to make a plan to workout at home. I believe that everyone involved in making the decision to close the Center did the right thing and I can guarantee it was an emotional decision to make.

After class I had real talk with one of my best friends and by that evening her husband and my husband delivered their Treadclimber to my house. You guys I’m feeling kind of emotional just typing this because I am literally surrounded by the best people. Thanks to them I haven’t had to skip one day of cardio and the kids have been able to stay active because they think the Treadclimber is so much fun 🙂 Ruby & I have gone on a few jogs and she is loving the fresh air and is easily entertained by the scenery from her jogging stroller.

I cannot believe it has only been a week since all hell broke loose (I’m being dramatic but for real – things are so different now). I also cannot believe how much I accomplished in a week towards my goal of having a place to work out at home. Had a plan in place within a few days and now just waiting for all the pieces to come together. I have to give mad props to my husband. He understands my level of crazy and was 100% on board before I even know what I needed. We do not often come to the same understanding with two vastly different personalities so I am incredibly grateful that he was able to understand me.

So why do I need a home gym?

My answer is kind of long, bear with me. In order to maintain and grow the level of physical fitness that I am at – I need to have a way to consistently work out, track my gains and be able to make increases in a fixed environment. I know The Center has been so perfect for me because it gives me a two-hour window to do all of the above while my littlest Ruby is in a safe and very happy place. This is where I am at personally and mixed with the fact that I need a routine and a place to separate myself from “home” – it was imperative that I be able to create a place to workout to be able to successfully continue my journey. In the midst of the swell of feelings and all of the other hard moments going on right now within our family and across the world, I have been feeling it all harder only because being out of my routine makes me feel out of control. My heart is hurting for many of you because I know you also thrive in the gym environment and I’m truly hoping that you are able to find a stop gap to keep you motivated and active. Anything you do right now is going to be enough – I just want you to really feel that deeply. Maintaining and going for walks outside – taking care of your mental health is first and foremost, whatever that looks like.

So what is next?

I am seeing across the country that trails, National Parks, campgrounds and various outdoor areas are being closed to help further social distancing. I had a full calendar planned to prepare for this climb. That calendar is indefinitely put on hold for now because travel is uncertain right now. Right now, more than ever I am not focusing on that end goal but more so on the overall aspect of my health & improving my fitness. Becoming the best version of myself is where my mind is at.

I really just wanted to check in with you all and encourage you to pivot…I know without a doubt everyone out there is making adjustments. A couple of thoughts – DO NOT give up. 100% it is so hard to get motivated when there really isn’t much to look forward to. My heart is aching for everyone. Just can’t figure out a plan to exercise or finding it impossible to do it alone? Get projects done around the house, weed your yard, deep clean cabinets, organize a storage room – it will get your heart pumping and may be the motivation you need. I’ve seen “garage warrior gym classes” popping up all over Facebook, might be worth checking out. Find something easy, fun, and work your way up. The Center is posting workout videos and I’ve found it really encouraging to see familiar faces.

Last night Jeff & I put together my spin bike (thank you amazing Fedex man, you are my rockstar) and this morning was a really good sweat session (among our storage LOL). I feel amazing and ready to take on this new crazy world. I’m thinking of you all and praying for peace in an uncertain time! If you have tips or want to share what you are doing to stay active please comment, I would really love to hear it!

Written by Rebekah Baier